Guidelines/Tips for attending Post Prom

You do not have to attend PROM to attend Post Prom.  You are eligible to attend if:   you are a DEHS eligible senior, or the date of a DEHS eligible senior. Hours are 12 am – 5 am.  You must arrive by 1:15 pm or will not be able to come in.  Come directly from PROM to the school.  Bring your change of clothes with you in your mode of transportation, or drop off to the school earlier in the day.  Changing areas, hangers and bags will be provided and placed in a monitored and secure area.  You and your guest must be pre-registered to attend Post Prom.  No registration, No entrance, No exceptions.  Guests must be at least 15 years of age to attend.
You must be checked-in and present in the building to win raffle pries.  Only DEHS seniors are eligible for raffle prizes.   No food or drinks are permitted to be brought into Post Prom.  No alcohol, tobacco or other drug products are permitted.  Your child will be breathalyzed prior to entrance into the Post Prom.  There will be no admittance to the Post Prom if the use of alcohol or drugs is suspected.  Personal belongings may be checked for alcohol or drugs upon entry.  Local authorities as well as parents will be called in this situation.  You may leave anytime after 2:00 PM.  Registration form will indicate if you are eligible to leave Post Prom early or not.  Once you leave Post Prom, you MAY NOT RETURN.  You are not eligible to win any raffle prizes if you leave early.  All school rules apply during the Post Prom Party.